Was hört ihr gerade?

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    If you, Holy Angels, do exist in this universe

    Will you bless me on the cheeks?

    With my painful effort never paid off

    I've just been standing in the shadow

    Will the day come someday when I can fly high in the sky?

    Will the day come when I can see the sun?

    Tell me, Holy Angels





    If you, Divine Goddess, are staying hidden somewhere

    Why don't you smile at me on my forehead?

    I've never tasted the nectar of victory

    I’ve never succeeded in love

    Will the day come when I can get intoxicated by the victory?

    Will the day come when I can embrace love?

    Tell me, Divine Goddess




    Countless stars are twinkling in the sky

    Every one of us is under them

    With a thousand wishes in each heart

    Lululu Lululu…

    If you, Lord Buddha, really exist in some place

    Please have mercy on me, too

    Having nothing precious in my possession



    I've been living my life with a series of failures

    Will the day come when I can totally be satisfied?

    Will the day come when my dreams come true?

    Tell me, Lord Buddha





    Shine a light on my life

    Shine a light on my future

    Shine a light on every creature

    Shine a light on tomorrow for all

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  • Höre ich gerade hoch und runter, hat mein ❤- Mann zu unserer Liste dazu gepackt.
    Das singt ein Schwede, der eigendlich normalerweise in englisch singt

    Wer zu oft liebt, liebt nicht richtig.

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